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About Wig Color
Colors look deferent on different environment and different lighting even if you remembered what color the wig was, it would be misleading to tell you. If you are not familiar with wig colors, the best bet is to order by mail and send you a clipping rather than guessing from the computer pictures or descriptions.

Wigs - Human Hair Costumes

From the dawn of civilization, man's fascination with hair, and indeed Wigs has been evident. Ancient Egyptian paintings depict men and women alike adorned with elaborate wigs and hairpieces. Indeed, images of Egyptian beauty Cleopatra would not be complete without her infamous blunt ended, jet black wig. Similarly, Roman noblemen and women were renowned for wearing wigs and hairpieces to emphasise their superior status.

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The art of making wigs has certainly evolved since the times of the ancient Romans and Egyptians. These days wigs and hairpieces have become so incredibly realistic that in most cases it is virtually impossible to tell if a person is in fact wearing one. Wigs today are typically made from either human hair, or convincing synthetic fibre. Both wig types have their advantages, although human hair wigs are said to be a better alternative due to the fact that feel more natural.

If you want to have a bit of a laugh, or are in need of a unique costume wear for a fancy dress party, wigs are the perfect option. The range of "party wigs" available today is truly endless- you can easily get your hands on anything from an Elvis wig to a Mullet wig. There are even miniature wigs available on the market for dolls.

Styles of Wigs
Take your pick from long wigs, big wigs, Indian wigs and ethnic wigs. Styles of Wigs vary from short and pixie-like to long and flowing to large and curly. Grow your hair in an instant, or alternatively try a chic, short style without actually having to make the daring chop.

Popular Styles of Wigs
There are hundreds of fantastic wigs to choose from. Some of the more Popular Styles of Wigs today include:

How to Style a Wig?
Always use a vent brush or pick for curly styles and a wire brush for straight styles. Avoid using standard hair brushes, as these brushes can create excessive tension, over-stretching the hair with abrasive strokes that may damage the hair.

How to Wear a Wig?
Wearing a wig for the first time is very much like trying anything new. Think of your wigs as being a part of you, as adaptable as your own hair can be.

Type of Hair Wigs
It is incredibly important to first thoroughly investigate all types of wigs and hairpieces, so as to ascertain exactly which type is best for your personal needs.

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