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Tips on Selecting the Right Wig Hairpiece

Sick of your real hair and wish to look different in 2007? Get yourself wig hairpieces. Either synthetic, human hair or monofilament fibers wigs are available. They make a different you by wearing them.

If you need more reasons for wearing wigs, here you go:

  1. 1. Wigs give variety to the hairstyles that match with one's clothing.
  2. Wigs can be styled in many patterns and are ready to wear.
  3. One just uses a wig when one is short of time to style the hair suitably.
  4. Movie actors use wigs to bring realistic look to the characters they play.
  5. Competitors wear wigs to bring alive the complete look of the person they portray.
  6. Wigs add a dash of weirdness in costume or theme parties.
  7. For some people afflicted by a medical condition resulting in hair loss, wigs are very useful.

When you get bored of your normal hairstyles, think about wig hairpieces, which are fashion accessories used to add fresh new look you have been dreamed of. The cap of a wig is the base material on which fine strands of hair, either synthetic or human hair, are stitched on by hand or machine. The cap is made of synthetic material that does not irritate the scalp. Monofilament caps allow the underlying skin to be exposed giving a natural look. Prices of wigs vary according to the material and craftsmanship.

You need to be careful about choosing the right type of wig hairpieces. Determine the purpose for which you would use a wig and how frequently you would use it. If you wear a wig only occasionally, an inexpensive wig would do. But, if you need a wig say to cover your head from the after effects of cancer treatment, then you should choose a high quality one. In any case, you should look for wig hairpieces that are made of good material and are easy on the scalp. Caps should allow the skin to breathe and prevent damage to your natural hair follicles. Human hair wigs are the best because they can be styled in different ways.

How do you know which wig hairpieces are right for you? While there is no better substitute for actually trying them on, here is a thumb rule. Use a wig that matches your natural hair color. Assess the shape of your face and your head size. Use a wig that complements the attractive features of your facial structure. Hairpieces come with hidden clips and can be attached to the natural hairstyle.

It is not enough if you own a wig hairpiece. You must care for it. Always place the wig in a mannequin or wig stand to retain its shape. Wash the wig with a good shampoo frequently. Avoid heat rollers and curler on with synthetic fiber wigs.

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