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Ever wondered what it would be like to have a SERIOUS head of hair? Think Cher with her Mermaid curls or perhaps Ozzie Osborne on a particularly good day! Well, thanks to the improved design of wigs today, it is now possible to experiment with extremely big styles- without the torture of teasing your own hair into candyfloss like bundles!

Big Wigs have made a comeback in a BIG way. Whether you're serious about volume, or are simply out to have a bit of fun- there's a wig out there to satisfy everyone. Make use of hair extensions to add heaps of volume to your own hair, without the bother of hours of styling. When it comes to full wigs, take your pick from masses of bouncing curls to gloriously thick, smooth tresses to choppy and teased rock star styles. 
If you're out to have a bit of fun, or perhaps attend a party or two, there are hundreds of great Big Wigs to try out. Fit on a gigantic beehive and take a trip back to the swinging sixties, or don a couple of Rastafarian dreadlocks and head off to spend some time in the Jamaican sunshine. Giant Afro's can be found in every colour under the sun, and if you're really brave, there's even an oversized Marge Simpson wig available to sample! 
Most importantly, due to improved technology, even the most gigantic of wigs available are now generally light as a feather. So you can get the style and have the fun- and still feel just as though you've got nothing more than your own head of hear!

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