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Hairpieces are a quick and easy way to add length to your own hair. They usually take a matter of moments to attach, and can be removed just as easily. Hairpieces will usually cost a lost less than fixed extensions, and they have the distinct advantage of being instantly changeable!

Essentially you make a bunch of fake hair, attach that to your own bunch of real hair, hide the roots with a scarf or hairband, and off you go! You can use a number of different types of hair for hairpieces: Straight synthetic hair of the type used for fixed loose extensions, kinky 'jumbo braid' hair, Toyokalon 'pony' hair, Yaky hair, pre-braided hair, synthetic dreadlocks, curls, human tracks of hair.. The best thing to do is play around, and see what you like best. If you want to make a copy of loose extensions, then use silky hair, or Yaky hair. If you're going for huge hair, try jumbo braid.

The most comfortable way to wear very long/heavy hairpieces is to arrange them that they don't so much hang off your head, as sit on top of it - and attaching it on top of your head also gives extra height to the hairpiece.

A truly fun and absolutely "easy to use" hairpiece that attaches to your own hair INSTANTLY with one of today's most popular hair clips - THE BUTTERFLY CLIP! Using these hairpieces is as simple as a PINCH of the clip and you're ready to go!

Look of Love Pony Express Hair Extension

Look of Love Pony Express Hair Extension Create a fabulous look for your hair with this small and light hair extension. Creating height and volume is what this hairpiece is all about! She's the perfect travel companion when your hair needs to look great in a moment's notice. Don't leave home without one! The petite-clip chignon. Hair length is 5" all over. Comes pre-curled as shown.
53 colors available!

Look of Love Pony Express Hair Extension

Look of Love Pony Express Hair Extension Whether you have short or long hair of your own, this long curly hair accessory can add a look that's outrageous! Hair lengths are from 18" to 30". Comes pre-curled as shown. 18"-30" long, tight, curly. Comes with a 7" banana comb clip.
44 colors available!

Look of Love Pony Express Hair Extension Style 333H

Look of Love Pony Express Hair Extension Style 333H Wanting to look great can be a spontaneous decision once you've made up your mind. Let us help your dream come true with our beautifully natural 100% human hair Pony Express hair extension. ade of 100% human hair. Can be re-curled using curlers or irons. Hair length 14" to 16".
25 colors available!

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Blending with Your Natural Hair
When using hairpieces if a natural color is required it is important to achieve a perfect match to your own hair. Color Helpful Tips: If in doubt go slightly lighter, but never darker. Still not sure? Send a sample of your own hair and we will be happy to match to the best color for you.
How Put on the Hairpieces?
Step-by-Step Attachment Instructions for ponytails including new styles:
Apply Pigtails
Pigtails come in a set and are 7 inches long fully opened. They attach with a net drawstring.

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