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Halloween Wigs

Change your look this Halloween by adding a pageboy wig or an Egyptian wig to your Halloween costume.

Costume wigs are fun to wear year round. For your next birthday throw a costume wig party. The girls will love trying on the flapper wigs, Cleopatra wigs and Marilyn Monroe wigs. Change your look this Halloween by adding a pageboy wig or an Egyptian wig to your Halloween costume. Guys try a fake moustache or fake beard. Take your favorite Disney character costume and add a Cruella DeVil wig. Planning on being a hippie this year donít forget the hippie wig. And remember no colonial costume is complete without a colonial wig. Costume wigs let you become someone entirely different for the Renaissance Faire youíre attending or The Halloween party youíre giving. This Halloween hold a mock trial and be the judge, donít forget your judge wig. Or do your tastes run more to the classic Halloween costume, we have several styles of witch wigs and really cool vampire wigs and vampiress wigs. Costume beards and costume moustaches make any man look debonair. And what Santa Claus suit would be complete without a Santa beard.

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post by Noelle at October 13, 2008
Looking for a Marge Simpson Wig

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Clown Wigs
It's not often that one wants to be mistaken for a clown, but when it is intentional there's nothing quite like a Clown Wig to make you feel the part! Whether you're attending a fancy dress bash, providing the entertainment at a child's birthday party, or a professional clown by trade, no costume will be complete without a unique and eye-catching Clown Wig.
Doll Wigs
Ask any serious doll collector, and they'll tell you that one of the simplest and most effective ways to extend dolly's wardrobe is through the use a Doll Wig. These days the number of Doll Wigs available on the market is positively endless, from human hair wigs, to synthetic wigs, to mohair and viscose wigs.
Mullet Wig
Ever wondered what it might have been like to be a complete Mullet? Well, now you can find out, without permanently destroying your reputation- or your hairstyle for that matter. The Mullet hairstyle has officially made a return- in a big way. Only thankfully this time it's in the form of a Mullet Wig rather than the real thing!
Elvis Wigs
Ever wished that you could have been Elvis Priestly for an evening? Well, how about donning your very own Elvis Wig and experiencing exactly what it was like to be the King of rock himself!

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