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Gone are the days when a Men's Wig was an artificial looking mop perched on the balding head of the geriatric neighbor next door. These days' wigs have become as common a fashion accessory for men as they are for women.

Probably the most well known wig for men is the toupee which is used to cover baldness. Wearing a toupee is a simple and painless exercise, as toupees are typically secured with adhesive, which takes just seconds to apply. An endless array of toupee styles is available, including "the Classic look, the Romantic look, the Casual look and the Professional look" to name but a few.

For men suffering from acute hair loss due to Alopecia or any other form of medical condition, taking the first step and heading out to purchase a wig can often be a daunting experience. For this reason, fashion houses specializing in men's wigs have become the perfect discreet option. Wig suppliers such as Jon Renau and Aspen both have experienced sales advisors to help with advice on everything from style and colour to sideburns.
Choose from a range of synthetic and human hair in every shade under the sun. For those with only partial hair loss, part wigs as opposed to full wigs may be a far more comfortable and convenient option. Jon Renau in particular holds an extensive range of lightweight Monofilament wigs in a number of styles, such as Jr, Lex and All American. In most cases the consultation will be 100% free, and you are guaranteed to leave with a wig that fits perfectly and looks exactly like your own head of hair.

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