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Type of Hair Wigs

It is incredibly important to first thoroughly investigate all types of wigs and hairpieces, so as to ascertain exactly which type is best for your personal needs.

Wigs are generally either hand tied or machine made. Hand tied wigs have the advantage of being made of 100% human hair. Each hair is individually tied to the cap of the wig, giving it an incredibly realistic look. Machine made wigs involve the machine sewing of hair to a mesh cap. Although more economical, machine made wigs are usually slightly more cumbersome and difficult to style than their hand made counterparts.
Wigs will also be constructed from either human hair or synthetic hair. Human hair, including European, Asian and Indonesian hair looks and feels more natural than synthetic hair, whilst synthetic hair is far more economical and easier to get hold of than human hair. A person suffering from dermatitis for example would only be able to wear a wig made of 100% human hair, so as to avoid itching and irritation.
The final choice one will be faced with is whether to invest in a full wig, a half wig or a hairpiece. A hairpiece or half wig will generally be suited to someone suffering from partial hair loss, or looking to add volume to their own hair. A full wig on the other hand can be worn by anyone and everyone, from someone who is completely bald to someone who is simply looking to experiment with a new hairstyle without permanent consequences. Ultimately the choice of exactly which type of wig or hairpiece to choose is a personal one based on convenience, lifestyle and economic position.

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