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How to Style a Wig?

Always use a vent brush or pick for curly styles and a wire brush for straight styles. Avoid using standard hair brushes, as these brushes can create excessive tension, over-stretching the hair with abrasive strokes that may damage the hair.

While itís important to brush the hair through, you should avoid a brush that is too harsh as frizzing or tearing can occur.

Think in Reverse when brushing your wig. Start from the ends and work gradually toward the root area of the hairpiece. When using a wire pick work the curls from ends to root area as well.

Styling is greatly enhanced between washings with Jacquelyn's Liquid Mousse. For curly or wavy styles, it is considered an essential styling tool. Just mousse, hand scrunch and pick the style into curls. On straight styles, mousse and brush lightly. Jacquelyn's Conditioners also are recommended to maintain your hair wear.

Wigs do not have the natural oils from your scalp to keep the hair soft. Regular use of Jacquelyn spray on conditioner will keep your wig soft and supple while extending the life and wear of your wig.

Never use any product with alcohol on your wig. We recommend Jacquelyn Products for your wig, available at Fashion Wigs.


To Spot Style, add mousse or gel and use electric rollers on a medium setting. Only hair directly in contact with rollers will be spot set. Never use a curling iron on wigs!

To Completely Restyle, we recommend taking your wig to a professional stylist. If you decide to restyle at home, going from curly to straight or vice versa, please read these guidelines.

  1. Place wig securely on wig stand. Use electric rollers on a dry wig, regular rollers or pin curls.
  2. Removes tangles with a wig brush.
  3. Using the same directional styling as on a human head of hair, pick up hair and wind on roller or curl, smoothing ends as you go.
  4. Use a medium setting with electric rollers or hair dryer. With a hair blower, be sure to circulate medium heat evenly and continuously, keeping about 12" from wig.
  5. Allow hair to cool before removing rollers or pin curls.
  6. Lightly back brush or backcomb and tease up on areas desired. Brush style in place, using Jacquelyn's Liquid Mousse.

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