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Blending with Your Natural Hair

When using hairpieces if a natural color is required it is important to achieve a perfect match to your own hair. Color Helpful Tips: If in doubt go slightly lighter, but never darker. Still not sure? Send a sample of your own hair and we will be happy to match to the best color for you.

It's worth bearing in mind that if your natural hair is not dyed, then most bright colors will look -very- fake in anything but dark clublight. Sometimes it's worth matching the synthetic hair to your own shade, then mixing in streaks of the color you want to add.. this -will- look much better than just strapping two bright blue bunches onto a brown head of hair. Also, the higher up you wear the hairpieces, the more the synthetic hair will fall over your own hair and cover it up.
If you really want to have lots of odd colors that would clash with your own hair, there are colored hair sprays or pomades you can use - and you can always hide your own hair with an assortment of goggles, headwraps, scarfs and boas, so that the hairpiece pokes out at the top and is the only visible hair color. Consider also braiding a few pieces of the colored extension hair into your own hair, around your hairline or where your own hair will show - this will help to break up the contrast more, and blend the hairpiece in much better.

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post by Brenda at August 2, 2009
will you make a personal wig if all the hair is sent to your company for a specific individual?
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