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A common problem many people experience when initially selecting a wig is whether to opt for a full wig, or a simple hairpiece.

Wigs are available in a range of styles and colors, so it's simply a matter of finding the one that best suites you. Enjoy experimenting with both synthetic and human hair wigs in long, short, curly and straight styles. Match wigs to your own natural color, or perhaps change your look completely- the choice is yours! However, one thing to always keep in mind is comfort. Make sure that the wig that you eventually choose fits comfortably and snugly, so as to ensure that it always appears as realistic as possible. 
Hairpieces are versitile as they can literally be worn by anyone regardless of gender, head shape or hair condition. If partial baldness is a problem, hairpieces are an ideal alternative, as they can be worn over the balding spot and easily integrated into the rest of your hair. Hairpieces can be made from human hair, synthetic hair and even animal hair such as angora and yak hair. Choose from an assortment of diverse types including bandeaus, toupees, cascades, falls and wiglets. Alternatively, create an elegant evening look with a chignon, dreaded braid or bun. 
Basically, your choice of wig or hairpiece should be a reflection of both your lifestyle and your personal needs. For instance, for someone suffering from acute hair loss a full wig would be the obvious choice, while for someone simply wanting to add a bit of volume or style to his or her own hair, a good quality hairpiece would definitely be sufficient.

We recommend several excellent wigs and hairpieces.

Tips on Selecting the Right Wig Hairpiece
Sick of your real hair and wish to look different in 2007? Get yourself wig hairpieces. Either synthetic, human hair or monofilament fibers wigs are available. They make a different you by wearing them.

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