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Popular Styles of Wigs

There are hundreds of fantastic wigs to choose from. Some of the more Popular Styles of Wigs today include:

  • Short layered pixie wig : - Short and lightweight wig that gives the client a classic look.
  • Page Boy wig : - Mid-length wig that is bluntly cut with a soft bang.
  • Crimpy waves : - Short-cut wig with crimpy- looking waves that taper close to the sides and to the back of the head.
  • Microbraids : - Wig that is braided in microbraids and cut into a short-cropped style. This is one of the most popular wig styles of the early 21 st century.
  • Dreadlocks : - Wig that gives the "Rasta" look of the Caribbean Islands . The hair can have a rough or a smooth finish.
  • Spiked : - Wig with a spiked cut and the look of a razor finish.
  • Wet look : - Wig that is dry but so glossy that it looks wet. This wig comes in a layered cut or a blunt cut. The hair may be straight or in Jherri curls.
  • Curly Perm :- Wig that can allows for the versatility of curls without the permanent wave process
  • Wispy Braids : - wig that has braids that are larger than microbraids. The braid ends are loose and the hair is cut so that the ends are wispy in the bangs and nape area
  • Shag : - Wig that is short in the front and longer in the back. The shag style was most popular in the 1980's and has made quite a comeback in recent years.
  • Spring Curls : - Wig full of tiny spring curls that provides for a carefree style. This wig is especially popular among people who desire a natural look.
  • Feather Cut : - Wig that is feathered and has a tapered back to give the client a look of elegance. This wig provides for maximum softness.
  • Wet and wavy : - Wig that has a wet look and a wavy style. This style offers a carefree and relaxed appearance.
  • Spiral Curls : - Wig that gives the look of a spiral perm without the permanent wave process.
  • Relaxed bob : - Wig that is cut in a bob style. The hair is soft, shiny and silky straight and gives the look of a new relaxer without the process of chemical relaxing.
  • Corkscrew : - Wig that is made of corkscrew hair and is cut close to the nape area and full on the top area.
  • Kinky bob : - Wig that has a "kinky" look. This wig is perfect if you desire a change but do not wish to use any form of chemicals on your own hair.
  • Headband : - Especially suited to the active person. A headband attached to the wig provides for extra security. The wig comes in all colours, styles and textures.
    Adapted from Wigs, Weaves and Extensions by Toni Love

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Take your pick from long wigs, big wigs, Indian wigs and ethnic wigs. Styles of Wigs vary from short and pixie-like to long and flowing to large and curly. Grow your hair in an instant, or alternatively try a chic, short style without actually having to make the daring chop.

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